Television Sponsorships

We have a 30 second Television Spot.

It will run for 12 consecutive months.  The Ad will be produced by WATC-TV; or Sponsor may choose to produce their own ad (Content and Technical requirements will be provided).

Ad will run during each airing of The Christian View (TCV) on WATC-57 Atlanta.  TCV is broadcast on WATC-57 Atlanta, twelve months per year on Tuesdays at 9:00 am to 9:30 am ET.

WATC’s television broadcast can be viewed in approximately 4 million homes throughout Georgia and bordering states.  Sponsor ads may receive potential BONUS airings from time to time during TCV airings on other networks (Sky Angel, WLCN-CTN – GSTN – Parables, TV) who also broadcast The Christian View adding millions of additional viewers.

Sponsor retains rights to, and ownership of their ad and may use their ad for their own purposes during the period that it airs on TCV and afterwards.

Magazine Sponsorships

Full Page – $750

½ Page – $400

¼ Page – $250

Inside Front Cover – $500

Ad will run for 3 months.