Monican Matthews

Monica Matthews - Co-Host


Monica Matthews, mother of one amazing daughter, is a Grammy-nominated vocal artist, musician, author, Christian ministry leader, EQ consultant, author, speaker, and host of The Monica Matthews Show. The show is aired in Atlanta where she lives and released as a podcast worldwide.

Monica is first and foremost a Christian, daughter of the most High God and fiancé to Jesus Christ. Since losing her husband in 1999 to ALS, Monica has been riding in the front seat on the roller coaster of life. Her book When Jesus Isn’t Enough is born of lessons learned on that real-life journey.

She freely admits to having made her share of mistakes, even falling flat on her face. By God’s grace, she keeps getting back up, embracing the understanding that greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

Monica is a passionate voice for FREEDOM from bondage of every kind and insists on speaking TRUTH without apology. She’s not afraid to candidly share her opinions about life as a Christian woman to help others escape spiritual and emotional prisons. She believes evil is evil and good is good, and is confident in knowing who she is and Whose she is. She steadfastly holds that God’s first purpose is always people, and His first priority is always freedom.

Monica’s latest album Windows has become an international sensation in over 62 countries. She loves performing the National Anthem and has done so on countless occasions for a wide array of audiences.