Ginny Priz

Ginny Priz - Co-Host

Being born without a full right arm was the blessing that gave me faith in God’s plan. Actually, a prosthetic comes in handy when making humorous puns and one-arm-liners! (ha!)

Beginning in college, she put her faith in the backseat for a decade. Finally, after years of struggling with anxiety, codependency, and addiction, she gave in and let God change her journey through the serenity prayer. She finally discovered her value in Christ – not just in her head, but in her heart where it belongs! Her life was completely transformed! Peace and joy and freedom reign in her heart and relationships where despair and conflict once held residence.

Today, she have a passion for sharing this transformational power to help others along their own serenity journey. Everyone can experience peace and joy – no matter what happens. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) additionally trained in Christian Life Coaching and Exhortation Life Coaching. She is also a SCORRE Certified speaker and enjoy bringing messages of hope to women’s groups across the nation.

Her book Ditch The Drama equips readers with the right tools to help them navigate difficult emotions and relationships, discover (or rediscover) their identity in Christ, and experience joy and freedom in any situation.

One of her greatest honors has been to serve as a teacher and sponsor through the Celebrate Recovery program. In 2011 Celebrate Recovery helped her climb out of codependency, alcohol & nicotine dependence. She will forever be grateful to the tools and teachers who guided her path to God’s peace that surpasses all understanding.