Hey, happy last day of Women’s History Month!

While we’re on the subject of women, can we talk about how twisted the concept of being a real woman has become?

I’m so glad that there were 3 episodes on The Christian View (part 1, part 2, part3) that were dedicated to the woman’s movement.

Dr. Pauline Key said it so well from the start.

She said that the true movement, which started in the Garden of Eden, is overcoming deception.

For some reason, I was all nodding my head and saying “Amen” when I heard that.

The recent political marches disguised as women’s marches had me feeling like an outsider.

Quite frankly, most women I knew didn’t understand or relate to the marches.

I certainly didn’t feel like I could relate. I talked a little bit about why in this post.

Feminism is a joke.

I’m all about equal rights under the law. Sure that would be nice.

But I feel like Satan has truly made us into unwitting sheep.

Women are so easily influenced. Yes, I said it. (Think Genesis)

It makes me crazy when I see women wearing little to no clothes as a way of sharing how “free” they are.

Those women are prisoners.

It makes me crazy to know that the sexualized misinformation printed month after month, year after year, in Cosmo magazine is all driven by a female CEO.

It makes me crazy to know that millions and millions of dollars are spent (by women) on the 50 Shades franchise.

Everyone wants to be unique except when they are.

Have you ever noticed how the culture constantly raves about authenticity and individuality but they rarely act authentic and they almost always try to fit in?

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

But I’m also frustrated that women are objectified to such lengths in our media, in commercials, in magazines, in sports, in schools…I could go on and on.

I turn on the TV and I see the Hardee’s commercials. You know the ones. I despise those commercials and my heart aches when I see a woman eating at their restaurant.

If you want to march for something, march yourself right out of Hardees.

Several years ago, I called the cable company and spoke to a female employee about an issue I was having with the company.

The issue, to put it plainly, was the cable guide was displaying extremely explicit movie titles rather than seeing something like “adult content”.

I literally wrote down the titles and read them to the female employee and her basic response was that the people have a right to see it on their cable guide station.

I was livid.

Women, you want to be strong but are you really?

Don’t be deceived.

Just because you have advanced degrees or make more money than your spouse or even marched one day of the year, doesn’t mean that you are strong.

There are still large populations of women that are gleefully unaware of how ungodly influences have deceived them, bolstered them, encouraged the exact opposite of what women are called to be.

Stay in your lane.

When I was in the Army, one of the sayings I remembered from my days out at the firing range was, “stay in your lane”.

If you’re busy looking over at the target meant for the person in the firing lane next to you, someone will get hurt. At the range, it was just a paper target and some good ol’ fashion ribbing from your platoon. In real life, real people get hurt. Shooting outside your lane causes chaos.

It’s alot like that in our Christian life. Women trying to be men, men not stepping up, children in chaos.

When women try to fill leadership voids at home or at the church. Men failing at masculinity and the spiritual head.

It’s chaos.

What can be done about it?

Listen, I have 2 degrees, spent 4 years in the Army, and I still spent years letting my husband provide financially and spirituallly even when the culture said I should have a job and I shouldn’t submit to his leadership.

First, let’s read, understand, and commit to memory what the Bible says about who women really are.

Second, let’s stand on God’s word, especially when it’s not popular.

Third, let’s stand with each other, uniting in truth.

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