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Do Yourself a Favor and say GOOD BYE to the New Year Resolutions

“This is it. This is the year everything is going to change. Starting January 1st I will cut out all sugar and go to the gym three times a week. Look out Dolly, 2019 is the year my bod is going to be better than yours.”

“I decided to not yell at my kids anymore. I am going to put into practice these techniques from Focus in the Family and change my attitude towards them. Starting January 1st, no more yelling.”

“I am going to be debt free this year. Starting January 1st I will cut up my credit cards and pay 20$ every week towards what I owe. Better use my card while I can!”

Sound familiar? I am calling it what it is this year. A BIG FAT LIE. Did you know, according to Forbes, only 8% of people ACTUALLY stick to their “resolution”? (Google it) Disheartening, yes, but it is the truth. It seems like more of a set-up to fail and feel bad about yourself come January 12th when nothing has changed.

I have a fresh New Year’s Resolution this year, it’s called nothing. If there are things about your life you want to see change, then change them TODAY. And then wake up and make the choice to change it tomorrow. Then again the next morning. And so on. Pray daily for God to help you find joy regardless of the things you want to change, but also for the power to do something about it, something lasting.

You don’t have to wait for a new calendar year to ignite your own new beginning!

We have all heard “God’s mercies are new every morning.” This is actually true. Not just in regards to forgiveness and righting the wrongs you did yesterday, but also true for your LIFESTYLE. God’s mercy is new every morning. Every morning that you open your eyes, you are given an opportunity to do things differently. A new dose of mercy for a REAL new beginning. Do your food different from the take-out you had yesterday. Parent different from yesterday. Love better than you did yesterday. Make time for the hobby you love by removing all the time spent on your phone yesterday. Don’t have the same amount of pop as you did yesterday. Etc.

We wake up to a new beginning every single day, it is our choice to live it as such or live it the same as yesterday.

New Year’s Resolution? I’m calling it what it is this year, a scam. I’m only interested in REAL new beginnings and I get those every morning.

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