Making the Kingdom of God Your Primary Concern.

Last night I was watching a new series called, The Selection, which airs on The History Channel.

The series documents the most intense physical and mental challenge of 30 civilian’s lives as they begin The Selection, led by six Special Operations veterans. Unrelenting physical training, interrogations, and tear gas exposure introduce these civilians to what lies ahead. Many will quit before day one comes to an end.

In fact, several quit the very first day.

I’m really enjoying the show because of the similarities of my own military training experience. It’s fun to watch someone go through the intense mental and physical challenges without being immersed in it as well.

My husband watched with me and turned to me on several occasions and asked if that was truly what it was like. The show is fairly accurate or at least the first episode is true to my experience. But it wasn’t just the jaunt down memory lane that kept me watching. It was the genius that is buried deep within the military’s training and selection process that had my mind riveted.

I’ve always felt that my military experience and my faith have many similarities.

The largest and most impactful similarities came in the form of trust and a motto.

“Do what I say, and you’ll be fine.”

I believed and trusted my military instructors. I trusted that they would do all things to make me stronger. I believed that they would help me succeed by teaching me the way through the obstacle.

My military motto was and is my faith motto.

“Do what I say, and you’ll be fine.”

Following Jesus is a lot like that. Do what he says. You’ll be fine.

After a full day of team building, log PT, and miserable conditions, the recruits were led into a shed and asked to write an essay. What I found fascinating about this task, was the response of one woman. Watch this 45-second clip.



Ok, bare in mind it’s about midnight and they’re exhausted. The instructors immediately give her a hard time. Was it a stupid question? Maybe.

I couldn’t help but wonder what her motivation was for asking.

Why did she want permission to do the opposite of what she was asked to do?

Perhaps the second question was easier, or quicker for her to answer.

Her question and her motivation behind the question really gnawed at me.

Matthew 6:33 came to mind, “and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.”

Primary concern?

I think Matthew 6:33 is instructing us to put God first, not second even though we constantly look for ways to put our priorities in the wrong order.

Are you dealing with your faith in the right order?

Are you answering to God first and then yourself second?

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