Jacqueline’s travels America to Ignite The Spirit of America for Patriotic and Spiritual Revival. She is an award-winning author, owner of It’s A Sweet Life Georgia, former Mrs. Virginia International, Top Ten, Mrs. International, 2003 and a mother of 5.

Eat, Love, Praise Him

Join me on a personal journey of faith where I share my heart and my life in transparent detail. Travel with me through my dreams and my hardships, where I learn to believe and dare to dream when there is little to hold on to. Through my hardships, you can also learn to live your life on faith in spite of your current circumstances. Eat, Love, Praise Him! is a four part God-inspired, faith-based series, similar to the international bestseller Eat, Pray, Love, only with an emphasis on Biblical scriptures and a relationship with Christ. Eat, Love, Praise Him! Book One, Unpacking Your Dreams on a Journey of Faith, is my journey of faith and a faithful God who delivers Amazing Grace every day; a lighthouse in the storms of my life.