For the last couple of weeks I’ve been battling a common (for me) refrain which is the refrain that I don’t belong.

It seems I’m in good company.

Since the election, many people living in the US are feeling like they don’t belong.

In fact, the Christian View spent several shows talking about what is dividing the United States and I wrote about it here when I talked about the tension we all are feeling.


Do you ever feel like you don’t belong?

I know as Christians we don’t belong here in this world, but I’m talking about belonging in the Christian community.

As a Christian, do you feel like you belong with other Christians?

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Christian woman’s retreat.

I didn’t belong.

Last week I went to a meetup with a dozen Christian creatives.

I didn’t belong.

I keep running into intimacy roadblocks.

I feel like I can’t really connect with other Christian women.

Is it just me or is this just what’s happening and no one is really talking about it?

Maybe you’ve run into intimacy roadblocks too.

Here’s a big one.

The insecurity roadblock.

This is where I see myself as less worthy of the other Christian woman’s time and friendship.

I shared a huge reason a couple of weeks ago in this blog post.

It’s more than past mistakes, though. It’s about my current situation too.

How do I hang out with other women when most are hanging with their kids.

I’m a 39-year-old woman without kids. I’m pretty much an alien.

I know I’m not alone. We all have our roadblocks.

Time, sin, insecurity, you name it.


Here’s the thing that’s occupying all of my thoughts.

Why do I feel alone in community?

How do I tell others that I feel like I don’t belong?

Shouldn’t I feel completely at home among “my people”?


Maybe being alone is where I need to be.

In the middle of one of the presentations at the woman’s retreat I attended a couple weeks ago, I heard something reassuring.

I heard God say to me, “Maybe being alone is where you need to be.”

It was odd and yet strangely, totally reassuring.

When I’m alone, I listen to Him.

When I’m alone, I need Him.

When I’m alone, I talk to Him.

And suddenly, being alone didn’t mean aloneness it meant oneness.


So, what does a refugee have in common with me?

They don’t belong.

They can’t go back to the country that hurt them.

They aren’t sure if they can move forward into a country that might be against them.

Where do they belong?

How do they tell others that they feel alone?

How can we assure them they are never alone?

Refugees are seekers.

They’re seeking a better life.

They’re seeking freedom.

They’re seeking joy.

They’re seeking to belong.


We can help refugees feel like they belong.

Recently, Northpoint Community Church announced several ways to help with the refugee crisis.

We should desire to be more inviting.

Not just to our country, but our homes, and our hearts.

Help someone feel like they belong.

Give them time.

Give them a bed.

Give them a home.

Give them a chance.



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