Happy New Year!


It’s the end of the year and with it, I feel a bit nostalgic.

Standing on the cusp of a new year, I reflect on 2016 with a mixture of regret, gratitude, and excitement.

I imagine many of you have the same concoction of complex emotions about leaving behind 2016 and ushering in 2017.

Let’s talk about regrets.

I love talking about regrets.

But only at the end of the year and for a short period of time. Anything more than that and I believe it’s wasted time.

I love evaluating my regrets because it’s my truest measure of what my heart desires.

For me, regrets tend to be the “failure-to-launch” type goals that I set for myself.

For instance, last year around this time, I set a goal to record more video-based classes and hire instructors for my online university.

I failed miserably.

I had a ton of reasons why this goal failed-to-launch.

I’d like to think that I didn’t spend too much time on this half-hearted goal but in reality, I spent a ton of time worrying about it.

I don’t regret not reaching that goal but I do regret the time I wasted worrying about it.

Another regret that I have is my failure to get more engaged with God.

I’ve been in a season of angst.

And with that, I’ve created more busyness in my life and less space to be present with God.

This failure has taken a toll.

This failure potentially affects more than just me. Had I read more of my Bible, prayed more, and engaged with the word of God, I may have encouraged more, helped more, and even led people to Christ.

This failure is a regret that stings my heart.

It matters to me.

I don’t beat myself up over my failures or shortcomings but I do recognize the path I’m on and like Andy Stanley has said, “a particular path leads to a specific destination.”

When you follow a path that leaves little time for God, it’s pretty obvious where that path will lead you.

This year, I will make a detour.

I will make a course correction.

I will follow God’s path for my life.

What I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for another day and especially another year.

This year I was confronted with health issues that impacted and made me realize how fragile our bodies can be when you choose to ignore one of God’s truth: your body is a temple.

Ultimately, I’m healthier and 60 pounds lighter.

I’m also grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had this year.

We have such power to influence the community and the world we live in don’t we?

I loved creating the Adventure Challenge and showing strangers that there is love, hope, and good in this world.

While I’ve been building my web design business, and helping create #digitalevangelists, I got a chance to join The Christian View and the incredible people that work on The Christian View TV show, and the magazine.

Collaborating with The Christian View has been incredibly rewarding. I appreciate you for reading and sharing in the comments and on Facebook. The good news? We’re only getting started!

What I’m excited about.


There’s so much to do for the kingdom.

There are so many people that need me and need you.

There’s so much opportunity to share your faith.

We have more blog posts planned.

We have a ton more episodes to air.

We have more inspiring articles to share from The Christian View Online Magazine.

The Christian View isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon!

Here’s to you and me, let’s have a great 2017!


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