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By Jacqueline Arnold
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June 1, 2018

Keep Praying. Answers are on the way for you, me, and America

Do you feel it?
The birthing pains?
The change of season?
It is upon us.

The heavens are roaring. The earth is groaning.

The world walks in fear, but, the King of Kings has something more, and it is His blessed assurance. He is calling His Bride.

He is looking for the few – His remnant who will lay down their lives and follow Him.

Judgment will come, according to the Word of God. And, we are closer now than ever before.

Just like Miss Clara in The War Room says, ‘how do you like your coffee? Nobody likes theirs lukewarm,’ and, neither does our Father, as it relates to our faith.

As the U. S. Embassy moves to Israel, we move closer to the promise. Now is the time to decide if you are ‘All in’ for your faith or if you will deny the One true God and run away to your own temple of worship. There is no more time for lukewarm Christianity.

He is calling His treasured bride.

What does that mean? It means He is calling us without spot or wrinkle – we are to give Him our hearts and our souls, our sins and our weaknesses; we are to say yes to the Father and agree with heaven, for it is time for His purposes and plans to come to pass.

We have seen great changes in America in the last few years and, more will continue to come. But, where the world would say we are lost and even our own countrymen might grumble in agreement, I believe we are walking into a surprise turnaround and great days of glory and jubilation.

Have you read His word? He will ‘utterly amaze’ us. (Habakkuk 1:5).

Recently, I’ve been seeing the history of America differently. I see the seeds of her soil poisoned with sin – the sin of bloodshed and slavery, of bondage and aborted blood. I see trauma in the souls of her people and trauma in the soul of our country.

We have sinned and followed the wickedness of our hearts instead of walked into the heart of the Father and agreeing with His decrees and commands.

I believe it grieves the One who created us and His tears from heaven stream down upon the earth in heavy rains to cleanse our land.

Many people are now awakening and their hearts are burdened and agreement with heaven is coming.

The Word of God says “If my people will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear them and forgive their sin and heal their land.” -2 Chronicles 7:14.

He is the way, the truth and the life and He has given us a way out.

That hour has come – the hour to see the fulfillment of His promises.

Two years ago I felt in my spirit the title for another book – America Prayed, God Answered Seeds for Global Awakening. I have just released the cover, with the book on its way soon, released from publishing.It’s a book for the healing of America’s soul. It’s a collection of what the Father has been doing all around us. Have your eyes been opened or closed?

Native Americans have come together, offering forgiveness to one another; Women are being brought out of the darkness with the #MeToo Movement, and empowerment initiatives. Darkness is being spotlighted and immorality exposed; North and South Korea are finding ways to end their missions of darkness and come together in unity, and Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream and, now, mine, are awakening the hearts of our people. The Spirit of America is being ignited and America is finding her passion to dream again and believe.

The Lord is calling to His people. He is waiting for us to turn from our debauchery and immorality and return to Him. He has more for us.

He offered His son on the cross so that we could be forgiven, white as snow, and, with Him in paradise for eternity.

I believe we will see a Great Move of God in the coming days, as the U.S. Embassy is moved to its rightful, Biblical spot in Jerusalem, and the covenant restored; as we continue to pray for the peace of Israel and agree with Heaven, even as we celebrate Pentecost, I believe there will be a major release of the Holy Spirit and we will see souls saved and written in the book of life.

I believe this is America’s finest hour. We are awakening and turning to God. “I Can Only Imagine” what will happen when we stand in awe of what God’s about to do. It’s time for the billion soul harvest and for the truth to go out to all the nations.

America will experience a turn around, the world will see, we will jump into our mission for the Great Commission and souls the world over will join us in Heaven.

God is calling His bride. He is a good, good Father. He has treasures stored up for us in heaven, yes.

But, just ahead, He will pour out His glory. For those who bless Israel will be blessed.

And, America will reap the rewards for her obedience. God is true and faithful and real.

He will answer our prayers. He will pursue us until we are on fire for Him.

Pray with a vengeance for every soul you know, for your family, your neighbors, your country, our president, Israel, and the souls of every nation because America Prayed and God Answered is what I am believing for from my God who has promised All Things Are Possible.

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