After watching some of the most recent episodes about modern day idolatry from The Christian View, it got me thinking about two people who are incredibly different and yet want the same thing from you and me.

I’m talking about Kim Kardashian and Jesus.

Jesus and Kim.

I’m guessing that neither of these two people is unfamiliar to you.

Ironically, as famous as they both have become, both started out life in obscurity. In fact, the only famous thing about them was who their father is.

This might sound strange but I think they had/have similar plans for their time on this earth.

3 Things Jesus & Kim Kardashian Want From You.

They want you to follow them.

They want you to love them.

They want you to listen to them.


Kim K. has amassed a staggering number of followers on social media, with more than 49 million Twitter followers and more than 88 million Instagram followers watching her every social media move.

She has an untold number of viewers, readers, and fans around the world.

She recently launched a book of selfies, many of them pornographic, that made it onto the New York Times Best Seller’s list. The book, by the way, is called, Selfish.

Kim K. launched a video game set to earn her $85 million. Kim gets paid about $10,000 per Tweet. That’s about $72 per letter.

Kim is married to an international music celebrity and has two children.


On the other side of our odd comparison is Jesus. A man who’s life and death created a religious movement called Christianity.

His influence on the world has proven to be life-changing for more than 2 billion people who claim to follow Him.

His words and actions have been historically documented in the Bible, a book that has sold more than 2.5 billion copies.

At the time of Jesus’ death, he didn’t have a wife, children, a home, or a successful career.

He was merely a preacher that healed sick people and loved his enemies.

I admit, that this divergent duo has more uncommon characteristics than common, but it’s still interesting to see how two people with similar goals can have vastly different motivation.

Do you follow Him?

Do you love Him?

Do you listen to Him?


Do you follow her?

Do you love her?

Do you listen to her?

I hope you see my point.

I’m not saying that you can’t follow a celebrity on social media.

I am saying there are people and things in this world that want the same from us as Jesus does.

While one person wants things from you that are pretty superficial and easy to give – you can follow her, love her, and listen to her while being self-centered, unaware, and distracted (you know, human).

Jesus wants the same.

He wants you to follow Him, love Him, and listen to Him.

But you cannot just create this relationship while still holding on to your selfish heart, and distracted mind.

Our world is full of things that want our attention and our affection.

Reflect on these questions and answer honestly about where your time truly resides.

Who do you follow?

Who do you love?

Who do you listen to?


Catch up with The Christian View on Idolatry here, here, and here.

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