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dra·ma queen

  1. a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way.

“But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.” –Galatians 5:15

Drama queens often use gossip, slander, and manipulation to receive the attention they desire. They create problems in their lives without any regard for those they may hurt in the process — including themselves. Most drama queens don’t feel valued, so they tweak and twist situations for their benefit. Because of the attention received, it’s easy to forget that God calls us to something greater — to have a humble and selfless spirit.

So what does God think about drama?

 “A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.” –Proverbs 18:7

The words that come out of our mouths or that we share on social media should be words that are pure, true, and lovely — building one another up in love.

Think of a drama queen as being rebellious. There are times when rebellion can be God-honoring because we are following after Him, but if we are not pursuing God’s will, then we are wrecking havoc and chaos in our lives with a rebellion that will breed destruction.

God commands us to clothe ourselves in humility. When pride consumes us, we put on the drama queen crown. No longer are we concerned with the health or well-being of others, but we drown in the idea of “self.”

Manipulative drama queens often manipulate as a result of being starved for attention. But what’s interesting is that the attention most manipulators receive is negative! In these situations, no one is benefiting and the Holy Spirit is blocked from being an active spiritual participant.

So how do we let go of that inner drama queen that’s within all of us?

1. Put on the armor of God.

(Ephesians 6:10)

If we are protecting ourselves from evil, then we will prevent the potential destruction of drama.

2. Go to God for the affirmation you need.

Find your worth in the Lord. Only He can fill the void in your heart in a way that is beyond a temporary fix.

3. Think before you speak.

Are your words going to lift someone up or destroy? Are you sharing something that is personal and better left unsaid? Put your words through a filter before letting them free. James 1:19 talks about being slow to speak. There’s a reason God encourages us to listen more than talk; He wants us to produce righteousness.

4. Give God the glory.

When we are seeking attention, it’s because we want the validation, but everything good that comes from us is because of the one who made us. We must give God the glory for ALL the goodness in our lives. When people begin to offer you their praises, point them back to God and let them quickly recognize that the light in you is a gift from the Holy Spirit.

“The easiest way to be drama-free is to be free of me. Free of myself and filled up with the Person of Christ. Only then can I realize the Greater Story is the One in which He becomes more and I become less.” (

Remember, allowing your inner drama queen to take control of your life will sabotage you and everything in its path. Destroy your inner drama queen before it destroys YOU!

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